An Open Letter to The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu -By Hameed Ajibola Jimoh Esq.

Hameed Ajibola Jimoh Esq.

29th May, 2023.


The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR,

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Aso Villa,

Three Arms Zone,

Federal Capital Territory-Abuja.

Your Excellency,




1.0. I am a Nigerian citizen and an indigine of Lagos State, Eti-Osa Local Government to be specific. I am a concerned citizen of Nigeria, a private lawyer and a Human Rights and Socioeconomic Rights Activist. I wish to humbly congratulate Your Excellency on your success at the recently concluded 2023 Presidential Election and Your Excellency’s subsequent swearing-in today (the 29th May, 2023) as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! May Almighty Allaah guide you through a successful stewardship! Aamiin! Nevertheless, as a concerned citizen of this country, a private legal Practitioner/lawyer, and a human rights and Socioeconomic Rights Activist, I humbly make the below 10-points recommendations that I had thought of as calling for Your Excellency’s urgent attention and as would aid Your Excellency in achieving a successful stewardship as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria any moment soon and as may be assessed at the end of your term  in office.

  1. Appointment of Ministers and Special Advisers as well as other supportive aides: Your Excellency, first of all, I humbly recommend that the appointment of Ministers and Special Advisers as well as other supportive aides in Your Excellency’s cabinet should be on merit and based on the Federal Character as required by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended), as would enable Nigeria to progress rather than to become more corrupt and redundant as she has almost become at the time that Your Excellency is taking over the paddle of the Nigerian leadership. Youths’ involvement in your administration and cabinet are also hereby humbly recommended.
  2. Security of lives and properties of the Nigerian citizens: Security in Nigeria has become worst as a primary source of government. Crimes and criminalities have almost permeated and or eroded the ‘nooks and crannies’ of Nigeria to such extent that the usual peaceful coexistence and movements within the country have become with great risks to life and properties. Some of the international investors and international aids providers visiting Nigeria have also become victims of these heinous crimes. Kidnapping for rituals and for ransom/hostage taking, arson, armed robbery, terrorism, rape, among other crimes against humanity have become orders of the day. This issue of security is so urgent that it requires Your Excellency’s devicive action in effecting necessary protective means in securing the lives and properties of Nigerians all across the country.
  3. Welfare: Welfare is the second arm of the primary purpose of every government as so defined by section 14(2)(b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended), the sister being ‘security’ as recommended above.Very unfortunately, the welfare of Nigerians had been handled not as required by Your Excellency’s predecessors in government, with due respect to them. The welfare could be improved upon in areas such as: Health insurance for Nigerians; especially: the pregnant; the infants; and the first citizens (i.e. old citizens); educational scholarship in institutions of learning within and outside Nigeria; attractive pension schemes for retired public servants and or public officers; improved welfare of the officers of the various security and law enforcement agencies of government, as they continue to serve their father land and ensure security of the land, among others.
  4. Youths’ Economic Empowerment: Vocational skills acquisition trainings would go a long way in empowering our Nigerian promising and talented youths. Your government might easily achieve this recommendation by liaising with the various local governments and area councils at the States levels on training of youths, since the local governments and the area councils are closer to the grassroots and the people’s various outreaches. It should be mandatory that youths in Senior Secondary Schools: 1-3 must undergo compulsory and or mandatory minimum of one (1) year Vocational Skills Acquisition at a designated government’s training center established in each local government area or council with certificate of completion issued as evidence of such training. Private Vocational Skills Acquisition Centers registered and fully supervised by your government could also be licensed as a means of achieving this goal. This vocational skills acquisition training would enable the Nigerian youth to be economically empowered and enjoy financial independence away from relying on your government always for job opportunities as they would have become jobs creators by themselves and masters in entrepreneurships.
  5. Power: Electric Power in Nigeria has become intermittent and or unstable despite privatisation of same by Your Excellency’s predecessors in government a couple of years back. Privatisation of the electric sector has made no important difference from the public ownership and control of same and has therefore not impacted the country positively as of today. So, government should invest more on electricity for an uninterrupted power supply. This would improve the economy of Nigerians and reduce expenses on fuel consumption for the purpose of powerimg electric power generator set.
  6. Commerce and affordable housing: Commodities in the markets are highly cost and almost unaffordable to the majority of Nigerians thereby impacting untold hardship on the citizens. There is therefore a denial of social justice to Nigerians. Housing is becoming very cost and unaffordable to a high numbers of Nigerians. Your Excellency could improve in any housing scheme in operation (if any), so as to make housing cheap and affordable to the masses. Therefore, where commodities and housing are cheap and affordable under Your Excellency’s leadership, it is a sign that Your Excellency’s government is indeed caring about your people and of course the masses. This is because, the one most important area people would feel or likely feel the positive impacts of Your Excellency is in regard of the ‘commerce’ or cheap and affordable commodities and housing.
  7. Transportation and infrastructures: Your Excellency, Nigerian roads, air, rails and water transportations are means of economic transactions of Nigerians. They are almost becoming deathtraps. They should be improved upon to ease a safe movement and transportation of humans and vehicles all around Nigeria.
  8. Judiciary: Your Excellency, judicial autonomy and independence, respect and obedience to court orders by government and private persons, increase in emoluments of judicial officers and ensuring appointments of Judicial officers by Your Excellency are always based on merits rather than being based on favouritism, nepotism, etc, to ensure justice for all by the judiciary without fear or favour, are ways through which Your Excellency could also positively impact on the judiciary as a sister-arm of government.
  9. Electronically and technologically improved Nigeria:Your Excellency, the world has outgrown the use of traditional means of communication. Gadbets, hybrid and other electronic and technological means are the orders of the day today. China as a country is a good study of electronic and technological advancements. Almost all the daily life of the people of China have become advanced in electronic and technological transactions and or way of living. Having such advancements in Nigeria would not be a bad idea. This would also skyrocket Nigeria into a developed country and enable her to compete with the world economy for her national development.
  10. Respect for human rights of Nigerian citizens by the government and all government’s security and law enforcement agencies and promotion of rule of law:Your Excellency, human rights are inalienable rights that every citizen of Nigeria as a country enjoys as guaranteed under our local laws and under the international laws. Therefore, these human rights should not and never be tolerated by Your Excellency to be infringed upon under any guise by any security and law enforcement agencies of government or by private individual. In this way, Your Excellency would have been one of the foremost protectors of the human rights of the Nigerian citizens. Also, Your Excellency should as the President and Commander-in- chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Your Excellency should not take disrespect or disregard to the rule of law by any security and law enforcement agency of Your government with a pinch of salt. There must be consequences for such disrespect or disregard to the rule of law having regard the track records of the democratic principles that Your Excellency has always been seen to uphold and your civic leadership worthy of emulation by a responsible government.


2.0. In conclusion, I am in no iota of doubts  that the above recommendations might seem too much to achieve, but a stitch in time saves nine an adage says, with due respect to Your Excellency. It is my humble prayer that Almighty Allaah continue to guide you through a successful stewardship and grant you the knowledge, wisdom and understanding with which you would lead us aright as a nation and as a people without any itch at end of your tenure in power and in government.


3.0. While I thank Your Excellency for considering these my 10-points recommendations for Your Excellency’s successful stewardship in government as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, kindly accept the assurances of my utmost cooperation with Your Excellency’s Leadership whenever national duties would require of me to build a better Nigeria.


Yours faithfully,



Hameed Ajibola Jimoh Esq.

A Concerned & Patriotic Nigerian Citizen/Private Lawyer

 and Human and Socioeconomic Rights Activist.

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