Communiqué Issued At The End of The Emergency Meeting of The  Chapter Presidents of  Fifteen (15) Faculties of  Law in Nigeria held on Saturday, September 12, 2020

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The Emergency meeting of the heads of the fifteen chapters of the undersigned institutions was necessitated by total breakdown of law and order, flagrant violation of the Law Students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) Constitution before and during  the  election  of  officers  in  the  LAWSAN  National  convention,  deliberate rigging by the outgoing national President Emmanuel Eze Nwobodo, recklessness and absolute disregard for the concerns and grievances of other Lawsanites.


The meeting was necessary to deliberate on issues concerning the state of our association.  After  extensive  and  exhaustive  deliberations,  we  the  undersigned chapter heads have arrived at the following resolutions:



  1. A. We dismiss as unacceptable the unveiling of a brand new constitution by the outgoing National President purported to be assented to by him in the early morning hours of the election day despite being duly sent to him for assent by the Senate since August 20 and contrary to section 40 (2) and (3) of the LAWSAN Constitution which empowered him to singlehandedly appoint the members of the LAWSAN Electoral Committee (LECOM) against the existing law and established principles that had prevailed in the association since  its  creation where by chapter heads present and nominate members that will constitute the LECO In exercising this power arbitrarily, the outgoing President forwarded six names on the day of the election, contrary to section 1(4) of the LAWSAN Electoral Act, all of whom were found unqualified in the course of ratification by the Senate with one unknown Ezewan Stanley who was named by Mr. Nwobodo as Chairman and who claimed to be a final year student of Madonna University failing to present any reliable form of identification or evidence of being a student of the said institution nor any institution for that matter. And that Mr President failed to sign the amended Constitution within the ample time expressly started in the Constitution, which made the said Constitution to be retroactive in nature.


More so, the outgoing President deliberately failed to append the date after he signed which the rationale for such was best known to him.


  1. B. The subjective LECOM so appointed by the President unjustly disqualified an eminently qualified presidential candidate, and failed/refused to disqualify the President’s anointed candidate, Mr. Blessing Agbomhere who is a 500 level student of Baze University, grossly unqualified to contest by virtue of section

16(2)(a) of the LAWSAN constitution which requires any person running for the

office of the President to come from a penultimate year (400 Level) as well as section 16(2)(b) of the same constitution which requires any candidate aspiring to run for the office of the President to have attended at least a previous national convention of the LAWSAN.


  1. C. The LECOM and President conspired to fix the outrageous prices for nomination forms with that of the President for ₦50,000 which amounts to about 500% increase on the rate at which presidential election forms were sold in all previous LAWSAN National elections since its creation, an attempt to disenfranchise interested Lawsanites whom lack the luxury of bringing up or parting with such huge amounts within the short period of an hour as specified/required by the notic


  1. That the election venue was heavily militarized by the outgoing President, Mr. Emmanuel  Nwobodo,  and  the  purportedly  elected  President,  Blessing Agbomhere,  who  was  deliberately  appointed  to  chair  the  convention  despite being a presidential aspirant.


  1. That the convention venue was rigged by Blessing’s posters/banners and other election publicity materials using his anointed position as Chairman of the National Convention Committee with the aid of the outgoing National President despite calls for him to recuse himself.
  2. F. That prior to the election, Blessing Agbomhere’s campaign team, with his approval, employed several attempts and theatrics to divide the association along ethnic and religious lines with the tacit approval of the outgoing national president and his kitchen cabinet.
  3. That Blessings convention committee fraudulently registered students from other institutions under institutions like American University of Nigeria, Taraba State University, etc. whose students where not present on the convention ground and even the likes of Gombe State University that do not even have a faculty of law at all.


  1. That the outgoing President, Emmanuel Nwobodo and his agent, strategically campaigned for Mr. Blessing Agbomhere, and influenced the outcome of the elections.
  2. I. That the outgoing President used his office to influence the decision of voters with promises of appointments, favours and even went to the extent of offering to bribe one of the presidential candidates in exchange for him stepping down for Mr. Blessing.
  3. J. We, the undersigned, as chapter heads, Distinguished Senators and stakeholders in our own rights observe these acts with great displeasure and accordingly communicated our protest to the outgoing President and the electoral committee, all of  whom  seemed  to  be  working  for    Blessing  and  therefore  gave  no listening ear.
  4. We frown at this calculated attempt to impose an unqualified person using the authority of the outgoing President against clear provisions of our constitution and the wishes of our members.


WHEREOF we, after thorough deliberations and due consultations, hereby declare the LAWSAN National Election held at Zeus Paradise Hotel, Abuja on September 12,

2020 as illegal, unacceptable, null and void, and also declare the purportedly elected president as an illegitimate candidate. We maintain that LAWSAN is a confederacy and is legitimate only to the extent to which it is empowered by the chapters.

Accordingly, we have resolved to withdraw our membership of the Law Students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN National body) as presently constituted and administered until our concerns are addressed, failing which we shall convene a new election at the instance of our overwhelming members.


We assure our members that this is a fight for them and to safeguard the soul, reputation and integrity of our association as law students, as “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing”


Aluta Continua! Victoria Ascerta!!


Dated this 12th day of September, 2020


Signed at Zeus Paradise Hotel, Mabushi Abuja by the within named; for all of us:





Isiyaku Ahmed Danlawan                                                         Apampa Saheed

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria                                              Lagos State University, Ojo







Yusuf Shittu                                                                                  Bashir Muhammad Bello

Bauchi State University                                                             Umaru Musa YarAdua Uni. Katsina







Chisom Precious                                                                          Muhammad A. Tsamiya

University of Abuja                                                                     Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto







Uge Samuel                                                                                   Aliyu Lawan Tikau

Benue State University, Makurdi                                            Yobe State University







Musa Ameer Sallau                                                                     Sen. Lawal Yusuff Aderawo

Nassarawa State University, Keffi                                          Kwara State University, Malete



Raymond Uchechukwu



Mundi Kyemang                                                                          Raymond Uchechukwu

University of Jos                                                                          Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State




  1. The Honourable Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice and Grand Patron, LAWSAN
  2. President, Nigerian Bar Association
  3. The Chief Justice of Nigeria


07039496554 (Danlawan)       | 08067979970 (Bashir)         | 08101620336 (Precious)

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