Court declares 25 percent lump sum payment to retiree above 50yrs by Pension Administrator unlawful

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  1. Hussaini Rilwanu says:

    The sum of N3.7 was paid into my account as retirement benefits to premium pension but the only amount they said Iam entitle N31,628. as monthly pension for 20 years they said Iam not entitle to anything as lumpsum I complaint to pencom all in vein. Advise me pls.Iam over 60 years.

  2. INUTAYI Sunday Itabiyi says:

    I retired 2011, 25 percent was paid to me after so many protect. I accepted the amount when there is no helping hands. We’re now in Year 2020, Is there any help for me ?

  3. Muye says:

    Welcome ideas but, government should revise back to old pension
    The new one is killing

  4. Olayinka Abioye says:

    The answer to your question has been answered by the judicial statement of the Arbitration Court. Anyone above fifty shall be entitled to more than the 25% provided in the Pension Act. Good luck

  5. Am over 50yrs and haven’t been terminated I requested to collect 50% of my pension fund but my pension manager is insisting I am only due for 25% what would I do I am being oppressed and don’t know which is correct if there is anyone that could help me please assist thank you

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