Effect of Tribalism, Nepotism and Favoritism on the Well Being of Our Nation -By Khadijah Umar Aminu

We have reached to a stage in life where our major problem and retarder of growth and development is the issue of Nepotism, favoritism and most especially tribalism. We employ all those acts in almost all our life activities.

Tribalism is the act of favouring one’s tribe.

That is, you only favour people of your tribe

Nepotism is the act of favouring one’s friends or relatives. That is, you only favour your friends and relatives

Favouratism is the practice of giving unfair and preferential treatment to a person or group of people.

Favouratism revolves around tribalism and nepotism because you all give preferential treatment or care to specific person or group of people.

The issue of tribalism, nepotism and favouratism has reached its peak among different nations. It has been regarded as the topic of the day. This issue has lead to the denial of many opportunities.

Society members employ all such acts. These issues are threats to the well being and development of the nation leading to the loss of good and better opportunities.

These acts are origins of the grassroot and this has made it a great threat to the development of the nation. We have reached a stage where even in the grassroot level (s), we deny people of their rights and opportunities such as right to work. We only favour those who we feel like favouring simply because we want our friends, families and relatives to be in that position. What a shameful act! We have to understand that we don’t have to look at all those things but rather, we look at those who are capable of doing it and will do it in a better and best way.

Tribalism has reached its peak up to a stage that we just consider who we want and not the best. We now only support and favour people from our tribe just because we want that vaccum to be filled with our tribal people. The blind detrimental love we have for our tribe is driving us crazy. Even when others find fault in our doings or acts, when they try to correct us, we begin to criticize them and find fault in them just because because we don’t want to adjust to the right thing and we don’t want them to look down on us. Instead of raising our voice and suffering our veins in fighting against the truth just for the sake of our tribe, why dont we change all those bad acts we have? Correct them and move on! or is it wrong to do that? Is it a taboo? NO we don’t have time for all that and we have passed that stage long ago in life! We are now in a stage where we only want the peace and well being of our nation! We now no longer hide the truth just to cover up but rather we accept our faults and mistakes and move on. The life in which we are now is so short that we don’t have time for all that. A word is enough for the wise.

Lets take a look at other developed nations do they spend most of their time backing the wrong act and going against the truth? No they don’t but rather, they spend much time on training the youth on how to take a step ahead of others. This is the only care we can brag for that we have for our people.

Our one and only nation is suffering from all sort of traumers and disasters but we are here focusing on favouring those who we wish to favour! We need to forget about the differences between us! We need to rise up! my people wake up! We need to work in group as we are now equal! Our nation needs us the most! Our help and contribution towards the growth and development of our nation is all we need to focus on right now! We don’t need the unhealthy rivalry! Lets cooperate and achieve that goal for the betterment of our lives and that of the future generations!

It’s never too late and it will never be late for us to change! Except if we don’t want to change! We need to stop employing all those acts in
Our day to day activities. We should start behaving like other developed nations. We have to put an end to this so as for our young ones(upcoming generation) to be carried along and be among the best.

With this, we can come to the conclusion that we better train ourselves to become great future Leaders or future builders than to support the wrong act so as to have a bright and well developed nation. A peaceful and developed nation is all we crave for.

Khadijah Umar Aminu
Faculty of law
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Email: umarkhadijahaminu@gmail.com

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