Goodbye Boring Paperwork

A quick show of hands if you’ve not had to spend hours searching for the documents you need for a case. Chances are you’ve experienced it before.


Walk into the office and you’ll see piles of paper on every desk. This is because every legal matter requires a form of documentation, from contracts to client intake documents to court documents.

Sadly, this manual method of document management creates serious inefficiencies for law firms, especially in terms of the time it takes to find a client’s files to draft your legal documents.

Casemanager makes the process of document management and digitization a breeze for you. It transitions your law firm to a paperless one by transforming your paper files to digital format for easy reference at any time, and also use it to draft legal documents.

Through its Organizational Knowledge Management (OKM) features, your paper files are digitized through the following steps:

a. Sorting and Digitization of Legacy Documents

B. Labelling each document for easy identification

c. Archiving & Storage of Digitized Documents

Learned Professional , how long will you keep spending a lot of time on “work about work”?

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