How I jumped out of a moving vehicle to escape kidnappers sponsored by a Defendant in Court case – Ex-NBA Secretary narrates ordeal [PICTURES]


Mr. K. O. Idisi

The immediate past Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA Effurun Branch in Delta State, Mr. K. O. Idisi has narrated his horrific ordeal in the hands of kidnappers sponsored by a Defendant in a case he is handling in court.


In a statement titled REPORT ON MY ATTEMPTED KIDNAP!!! and made available to BarristerNG, Mr. Idisi noted that he managed to escape yesterday’s kidnap attempt by jumping out from a moving vehicle.

According to him, the mastermind of the failed kidnap attempt is one Godwin Ozeigbe.

The statement reads in part “I was kidnapped today in ASABA by a team led by Godwin, Udu chapter chairman of NYCN, Delta State but I jumped out of the moving vehicle in the middle of the DLA road and escaped. My trouser got torn and one leg of my shoes shattered. Find the photgraphs attached hereto.

“The leader of the team, Godwin was in court this morning with the Okorie, the Defendant in the matter I was in ASABA to do. I saw him. I know him. We worked together before.

“I was in ASABA for hearing in Suit number A/15/2021 between Comr. Fuludu Raphael v. Kenneth Okorie & Ors. While in the court room, I observed some spiritual attacks directly from someone in the Defendant’s camp and decided to leave the case for a colleague to handle and left the court immediately. Unknowingly, Godwin and one other person trailed me from the court to the motor park where I went to board a vehicle to leave ASABA immediately. As soon as I saw them, I dodged and walked away but Godwin chased and accosted me. He started querying me fiercely why I ran away from court. He immediately called Okorie, the Defendant and informed him that they had caught me. He called another person who came with a vehicle having tinted glass and they forced me into the vehicle.

“The vehicle claimed to be taking me back to the court and started driving towards DLA road from Summit junction. I then beckoned on the driver to bend onto the road that leads to the court but he kept on driving towards an unknown destination. I observed his hands going to lock the doors centrally and instantly I opened the door and I jumped out of the moving vehicle. That was how I escaped to Court of Appeal, ASABA from where I got help to leave the town.

Face of the kidnapper

“I am very well hale and hearty at the moment. Godwin Ozeigbe led a squad to kidnap me. I thank Mr. Jonathan Ekperusi who eventually handled the matter for me in court, sacrificing a very vital meeting and saw me through the whole kidnap escape with his wise counsel. I also thank Dcn. Dennis Agbaga for his assistance.

“I hereby make this report to the branch through the human rights committee” he stated.