“I WILL NOT PAY!” & “VOLENTI NON FIT INJURIA” “NBA 2023 Conference: Assessing the Leadership and Benevolence of Y.C. Maikyau SAN” -By Ibrahim Babangida Birema


The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) 2023 Conference, themed “Getting It Right: Charting the Course for Nigeria’s Nation Building,” was held at the MKO Abiola Stadium in Abuja. It was a gathering of legal professionals from all corners of Nigeria, where critical issues were discussed, and significant developments took place. One of the most noteworthy moments of the conference was the exchange between Y.C. Maikyau SAN, the NBA President, and some of his fellow executives.

The Legal Maxim:

Y.C. Maikyau SAN, in his response to allegations made against him during the Annual General Meeting (AGM), invoked the Latin legal maxim, “Volenti non fit injuria,” which translates to “No wrong can be done to a person who consents to the injury.” This maxim, often interpreted as “don’t bite off more than you can chew,” aptly captures the essence of what transpired at the conference.

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Accusations and Counterarguments:

During the AGM, some NBA executives raised vexatious and frivolous allegations against President Y.C. Maikyau. They presented their accusations eloquently, seemingly swaying the minds of the attendees. However, as the saying goes, “one with God is the majority.” Despite pleas from former NBA President OCJ Okocha SAN to refrain from responding to these allegations, President Maikyau felt compelled to address the claims sincerely.

In his response, President Maikyau’s words were akin to “direct stray bullets” aimed at those making baseless allegations against him. His rebuttal shone a spotlight on their actions, and members of the Bar became more aware of the mistake they had made in electing some of their representatives.

The Warning Signs:

The conference also revealed some concerning signs among certain individuals. Reports of incessant goodwill gestures and greetings raised suspicions that something was amiss. While the intentions behind these actions were unclear, they seemed to indicate hidden agendas. President Maikyau and his supporters watched with caution, hoping that any potential fires would remain controlled.

Solidarity with Leadership:

Despite the turmoil, Y.C. Maikyau SAN emerged as a resilient leader. Many conference attendees, including the author, left the AGM with a strong sense of solidarity with the President. The words “I WILL NOT PAY!” became a symbolic declaration of support for his leadership. This unity further strengthened the President’s resolve to lead with integrity and purpose. In addition to the above, the NBA also organized a medical outreach programme for Nigerians.

In addition The outreach programme was jointly sponsored by the NBA, the Kebbi State Government and the Moses Lake Medical Team, Washington.

The programme was held at the Garki Hospital in Abuja and provided free surgical operations for sundry ailments.

A total of 162 patients were operated on during the programme.

The NBA said that the medical outreach was part of its corporate social responsibility to Nigerians.

The NBA is a non-profit organization that is committed to promoting the rule of law and access to justice in Nigeria.

The NBA’s medical outreach programme is one of the ways in which the NBA is fulfilling its social responsibility to Nigerians.

The programme has benefited thousands of Nigerians over the years and has helped to improve the quality of life for many people.

The NBA is committed to continuing its medical outreach programme and to providing more opportunities for Nigerians to access quality healthcare.



The NBA 2023 Conference was a pivotal moment in the legal community, where the leadership of Y.C. Maikyau SAN was tested and reaffirmed. The Latin maxim, “Volenti non fit injuria,” served as a reminder that consent to challenges can strengthen one’s position. As the NBA continues to chart the course for Nigeria’s nation building, the resolve of President Maikyau and his supporters remains unwavering, ensuring that the legal profession’s integrity and purpose are upheld.


By Ibrahim Babangida Birema LL.M ICT ( EQUITY BAR)

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