“It is Finished… The End has finally come to the legal profession in Nigeria” – Lawyers react as Open University graduates get approval to attend Law School

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Lawyers have taken to social media to react to the approval given by the Body of Benchers to graduates of Open University of Nigeria, NOUN to attend Law School.


At its meeting on Thursday, the Body of Benchers granted the NOUN graduates the approval after many years of agitation by the distant learning institution.

Reacting, Majority of lawyers on social media described the move as lowering of standards for the legal profession.


Below are some of the responses captured by barristerNG.com

Tope Fadahunsi wrote “End has finally come to the legal profession in Nigeria. You can now become a lawyer by distance learning. You can also become a lawyer by evening learning. The remaining manageable image is gone. Lawyers will flood the entire country by 2030. By 2035, no body will like to be called a lawyer in Nigeria”…”This will never happen to engineering, medicine, architecture and quantity survey”
Ifeanyi Okafor wrote “Tope Fadahunsi you are very correct. The standard of the profession is about to go under and the quality of lawyers is about to plummet to unrecoverable level. God save the legal profession. I wished the Body of Benchers stood their ground and refused to bow to pressure. The legal profession is now in big trouble. Seriously in years to come, nobody would like or be proud to have his or herself been identified a lawyer, if we allow distant learning people who call themselves law students, go to law school and be called to the bar. It’s quite shameful.”
Osato Uwagboe wrote “why did they allow NOUN get a law faculty in the first place? It was going to happen at some point.”
Obafolahan Adeyanju Ojibara wrote..  “I totally agree. At some point yeah, but is that point now? We complain bitterly about the quality of lawyers that come out of the regular universities these days, are we sure NOUN has upped its game to fit the bill? If the Body of Benchers and Council for Legal Education believe they have, then we should welcome NOUN with open arms. However, I have my doubts”
Tope Fadahunsi wrote …”Again, only a fool will still spend millions in Private Universities to study law when you can be selling clothes in your boutique and study law in the evening at NOUN”
Apase Òlúsèyí Fálèyé  wrote…..”The end has come for the legal profession”
Mazi Echika wrote … “This is disturbing… Honestly”
Arinzechukwu Esther wrote…. “So why did I waste my money biko… I could have gone to Aba to learn sewing”
Dolapo Tella Attoni wrote….Pressure from politicians
Njideka Theresa wrote….”Pls if the information is correct, let them think of refunding us all the money we spent in the university and all worth not, besides with the way things are going, very soon, people of all categories irrespective of your standard of education or dress code can badge into the court and do the service of a lawyer”
Dolapo Tella Attoni wrote…..”Will law now still be regarded as a professional course like medicine?”
Ejiro Efekodo wrote…..”No more need for University hostels, now u can qualify online💃💃 long distance from the comfort of your bedroom.”
Doocivir Yawe wrote…”Why do I have a funny feeling this decision was made because some very big shot stands to gain from it.
I can almost bet on this.”
Jimmy Abia wrote….It is finished
Ifeanyi Okafor  wrote….”This is a very wrong move. I wish the Body of Benchers really taught this through and had wide consultations with the NBA before taking a decision on this. Succumbing to pressure and belittling the already shaky standard of the legal profession, just to please those who did or intend to study the highly revered course of LAW through “soft work” to wit; distant learning and weekend study, is really a sad and sorrowful one. I don’t think other countries in the western world and other examplary nations in the Globe, would do this to their legal practice.”
Uwakwe Roland  wrote…..”Finally the profession has been buried. They killed it years ago.”
Celestine Madubuike wrote…..”I need to study medicine in NOUN.”
Olakunle Tayo Fapohunda  wrote …..”If I may ask, why grant them admission to study Law in NOUN in the first place and deny them admission to the Nigerian Law School? It doesn’t add up. Kudos to the Body of Benchers. Some notable lawyers of old studied Law by correspondence after all.”
Nonso Okey Okpala wrote……”They should allow Part time then. You cannot stop part time law and then allow study of law by correspondence. Haba”
Queen Agulefo wrote…….”Someone said he needs to study medicine in noun 😂 😂… Will I let a medical doctor who studied through distant learning perform a surgery on me? Well, I’d just say that if Noun can be allowed to go to law school, regular universities should be allowed an option for part-time law classes and that 5 years torture can be stepped down by 1 year, then all in the second category will do bar part 1, before bar part 2.”
Idahosa P. Efe wrote…….Part-time law degree programme should be reintroduced. There’s no need stopping same and later bringing it in through the backdoor because some influential Nigerians have embraced the law degree programme at the NOUN!
Joshua Adebisi-Stephen Jr. wrote….I’m beginning to feel ashamed for this profession.🤦🤦🤦. Very soon BoB will accredit those Criminology and security service and philosophy student that use to flex muscle with law students in the university the opportunity to be admitted to the NLS and call to bar. My kind advise is that since NOUN law graduate can admit to NLS then let the 5yrs torture of the regular university be reduced by a year.

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