Knowledge of the Law And The Symbiotic Relationship With Being Reserved For The Senior Lawyers Only: A Human Face For The Nigerian Young And Aspiring Lawyers!

By Hameed Ajibola Jimoh Esq.

It has become (among a number of young lawyers in Nigeria) that those seen as Senior lawyers (by the young lawyers) are those that know the law and that in fact, the knowledge of the law is reserved for those senior lawyers only, hence, some senior lawyers too (either as Senior Advocates of Nigeria or non-Senior Advocates of Nigeria lawyers but seniors with many years) find their young lawyers as inferior and naive, hence, some of them maltreat the young lawyers within their control, while some of those young lawyers get confused about their lives and see themselves as ‘non-entity’ and that it would take them a great time for them to become successful or become intellectual (if at all they would succeed)! This paper bears the human face to advise these young and aspiring Nigerian lawyers to rebuild their confidence for a more successful professional life!.


First of all, I must state here that ‘knowledge’ generally is a gift got through ‘learning’. Therefore, without a proper ‘learning’, there might not be proper ‘knowledge’ acquired. It would be observed that a number of students mismanage and or play with their time which is their life (especially those young ones), hence, they beget a confused life! Some of these young generations or persons, relate and or keep strong relationship with those with no positive impacts in their life or in their endeavours! So, the way one lives his life really determines his success in his future life! So, the knowledge is not only reserved for anyone except those who cherish the knowledge. In my humble view, there is no short cut to success except hard-work! Nevertheless, there are intelligent and experienced persons as seniors in every spheres of life or every discipline.

My candid advice for every young and aspiring person (not even only lawyer) is to take his learning seriously and not miss any part of his learning for it would or it might boomerang or affect him later in his future life! As for young lawyers, I would advise that every lawyer should try to study his past books even from the Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary School, Secondary School, University and the Law School! The incomplete knowledge learned and or acquired would always be the reason for a deficient knowledge and by implications, lack of success! More so, ‘no one brought the knowledge from the heaven rather the knowledge is acquired here on earth!’

Furthermore, such young and aspiring lawyer should seek an experienced and intelligent senior(s) whether as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria or not, for a good guidance in the legal practice and professionalism or mentorship. This also constitutes part of learning i.e. learning of the law and practical experiences. I must however ‘warn’ most respectfully, that adequate care and vigilance must be put into consideration by such young lawyer in selecting such senior(s) so as to avoid his talent being taken advantage of and then being vulnerable to being intellectually trafficked!

Finally, I therefore advise young and aspiring lawyers to always take their learning seriously and always seek good guidance from their righteous and experienced seniors as mentors. Then, with their little more efforts, the sky is just the beginning for them! What the young lawyer spends his time on also matters in his acquiring the knowledge of the law!


Best of lucks!



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