Lagos Judge denies owning multimillion-dollar property inside Dubai’s ‘Burj Khalifa’

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A Lagos state High Court Judge, Honourable Justcie Adedayo Akintoye has denied owning any multimillion-dollar property inside Dubai’s ‘Burj Khalifa’.


The peoples gazette had in a publication alleged that the jurist owned an apartment inside the Burj  Khalifa,  an ultra  luxury  skyscraper  overlooking the  priciest section of  Dubai.

Reacting to the said publication via a letter, justice Akintoye queried the  issues  of corruption  and acquisition of the said property, noting that the said publication is false in every material  respect.

The Hounourable Justice among other things demanded for a retraction of the offensive material and an appology.


Read the full Reaction below


We act as Solicitors to Honourable Justcie Adedayo Akintoye, who is a serving Judge in¬† the Lagos ¬†State ¬†Judiciary ¬†and ¬†her ¬†husband ¬†Mr. ¬†Akindele ¬†Akintoye, ¬†who ¬†is ¬†a¬†¬† senior ¬†legal practitioner (“our Clients”). We have their instructions to write this letter.

Our  instruction  is  to  the  effect  that  on  22nd February,  2021,  your  company/media  outfit published a  defamatory  news report on our Clients vide your online  newspaper  website  at  We  have  instructions  that  the  said  publication  is  defamatory  and injuriously false in every respect.

In the said online defamatory publication titled “Nigerian Judge acquires¬† multimillion — dollar property inside Dubai’s Burj Khalifa” your company caused to be published the following concerning our Clients:

“Mrs. Akintoye’s¬† discreet ownership of accommodation ¬†inside the Burj ¬†Khalifa, ¬†an ultra¬† luxury ¬†skyscraper ¬†overlooking ¬†the ¬†priciest section of ¬†Dubai, ¬†reflects¬† a ¬†meshing of civil ¬†service ¬†and ¬†luxury lifestyles ¬†now increasingly seen amongst government ¬†officials¬† in Nigeria… ¬†Reached for clarification on how a ¬†serving¬† high court judge ¬†could ¬†afford ¬†a¬† luxury ¬†apartment ¬†at the ¬†Burj Khalifa, ¬†Mrs. Akintoye’s¬†¬†¬† ¬†husband¬†¬† ¬†swiftly¬†¬† ¬†assumed¬†¬† ¬†the¬†¬† ¬†role¬†¬† ¬†of¬†¬†¬†¬† her spokesman ….. The¬†¬† ¬†Gazette¬†¬† ¬†exposure¬†¬† ¬†of¬† ¬†Judge¬† ¬†Akintoye’s concealed asset in Dubai came as Carnegie Endowment for International¬† Peace released a ¬†report that described the Emirati commercial ¬†capital ¬†as ¬†an¬† ‘oasis ¬†for ¬†Nigeria’s ¬†corrupt ¬†political elites.”

The said ¬†publication ¬†has been¬† read by many of our clients’ ¬†family, ¬†friends, ¬†associates and colleagues. The publication conveys the wrong impression that our Clients are corrupt. Specifically, ¬†that Honourable ¬†Justice Adedayo ¬†Akintoye has utilized judicial ¬†office to acquire illicit wealth and properties with ¬†the active connivance of her husband, ¬†Mr. ¬†Akindele Akintoye who has also been presented in your Company’s publication as an accessory after the fact, ¬†to the alleged corrupt activities ¬†credited to his wife in ¬†the said publication. ¬†The publication has undoubtedly¬† diminished ¬†our ¬†Clients’¬† ¬†reputation¬† ¬†in the ¬†eyes ¬†of right ¬†thinking¬† ¬†members¬† ¬†of the society. ¬†Our¬† Clients ¬†on ¬†account¬† ¬†of ¬†the ¬†publication, ¬†have ¬†been ¬†queried¬† ¬†and ¬†are ¬†still ¬†being queried¬† by family members, ¬†friends and associates ¬†on the¬† issues ¬†of corruption ¬†and acquisition of the said property.

Our further ¬†instructions ¬†show ¬†that, ¬†prior ¬†to¬† the ¬†offending¬† ¬†publication, ¬†Mr. ¬†Akindele ¬†Akintoye’s effort to draw your Managing ¬†Editor, ¬†Mr. ¬†Samuel ¬†Ogundipe’s attention to material¬† inaccuracies in the proposed ¬†publication ¬†did¬† not yield ¬†positive ¬†result. ¬†For the ¬†avoidance of doubt, we ¬†have specific ¬†instruction ¬†to ¬†the ¬†effect ¬†that ¬†Honourable¬† ¬†Justice ¬†Adedayo¬† ¬†Akintoye ¬†does¬†¬† not ¬†own (solely ¬†or jointly)¬† any flat ¬†at Burj ¬†Khalifa ¬†in ¬†Dubai, ¬†United ¬†Arab ¬†Emirates. ¬†Consequently, ¬†your company’s ¬†publication ¬†is therefore ¬†false in every material ¬†respect.

It is ¬†in light of the above, ¬†that we have our Clients’ ¬†instructions ¬†to demand ¬†the following:

  1. 1. An  immediate  retraction  and  apology  for  the  offending  publication.  These   should   be published prominently on your website  at
  2. 2. Immediate  pulling  down/removal   of  the  offending   publication  from  your  website   at
  3. 3. Monetary damages  in the sum of N500 million for the injury and  pain occasioned  our clients.


AND TAKE NOTICE that in the event of your company’s ¬†failure to immediately comply with (1) and (2) above and pay damages ¬†requested ¬†in (3) ¬†above within ¬†7 days of receipt of this letter, we shall definitely perfect¬† our instructions by making ¬†right the wrong ¬†committed ¬†against ¬†our Clients by instituting court proceedings ¬†against you claiming declaratory, injunctive and compensatory reliefs on account of the said defamatory and injuriously false publication.


Thank you. Yours faithfully,



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