Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship(NCCF) as A Heraldic Agent of Spirituality and An Harbinger Of Philantropism

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A  Brief Written By: Adeyemi Stephen Adegboye Esq.


There is a philosophical cum spiritual assertion which has occupied public domain for donkey’s years which in like manner has also occupied the terrain of truism and verisimilitude among the initiates of our time, that we came to the world to serve two purposes.To wit: To serve God our Creator and – to serve humanity ;as an adjunct or ancillary purpose to the first purpose being the most germane to our existence on earth.


Having made the above copious and assertive remarks of verity, it is to be stressed emphatically that the dual purposes are a product of NCCF stock in trade- God and humanity.

Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship is a christian nondenominational/interdenominational spiritual Organization which goes by the acronym NCCF.

It’s a prestigious and to-be jealously guarded grooming centre for both already made spiritual giants and the feeble minded who need help for spiritual buildups.

The fact can never be gainsaid or overemphasized that this illustrious and Christ revealing religious Creed deserves more than what people accord it. To me, the treatment people usually visit on NCCF could be in ignorance of the eminent position and dutiful roles being played by NCCF. If they knew the corpus, spiritual condiments and perkiness enraptured into the body of NCCF; they would have accorded it more fair treatments whose relevance is to be tested from the spectacles of a reasonable man.

Starting from its origin, it has a mandate to bring every Corps Member to Christ. In my own view, this mandate is restrictive, limited and sectional. Premised on the above austere assertion, I was forced to hold the view that this mandate is a contradiction in terms, in that it is not only corps members who have benefited immensely or who usually benefit from the spiritual strongholds professed by NCCF.

If we can do ourselves the courtesy of being analytical in our approach to the ever glittering and hallowed mandate openly brandished by NCCF; we would definitely recur that outsiders I.e Non-Corps Members also enjoy the manna of encounters that falls from the heaven and haven of NCCF.

In consonance to the foregoing, it is indisputably incontrovertible that through the instrumentality of this Organization’s Evangelism Unit; whose concerned Secretary, in conjunction with its rapturous Members burning with spiritual hankerings and enthusiasm usually place it upon themselves as a duty to embark on a voyage of bringing outsiders to the path of Christ thereby opening the floodgate of unfettered access to outsiders/non-corps Members with a view to allowing them partake from the mandate of NCCF.

Premised on the above truthfully unravelled and brilliantly divulged fact, it is no gainsaying to hold the view that the mandate of NCCF goes beyond ensuring Corps members encounter Christ. This should have been tagged ” the internal Mandate” of NCCF. The only question begging for answers is the nomenclature or rubric to place the outsiders (non-corps members) usually won and wooed to Christ through the viable and dogged instrumentality of NCCF. Are we saying that those people are separable from NCCF mandate or can they be severed from same?

Another point that merits mention here is the philanthropic stance of NCCF.

NCCF philanthropic and altruistic stance and position towards making accommodation available to corps members.

As an astute and assiduous Lawyer of meritocratic standing, I have read the NYSC Act in and out. Having subjected the Act to a closer perusal and thorough scrutiny; I got to know that it is unequivocally and unambiguously encoded and couched therein, in Section 6(1)(a) thereof to state with accurate precision that every State government should provide corps members posted thereto with good accommodation. However, in utter disregard of this sacrosanct statutory duty, States’ government in their various nonchalant capacities have failed idiotically to drive this sacred duty home nor dance to its dictate as purely dished out by the NYSC Act Cap N84 LFN 2004.

In response to the colossal failure and epileptic position of government from various quarters towards corps members accommodation, NCCF in its stance as a compendium of concerned philanthropists, paternalistic and maternalistic  welfarists with her tentacles spreading across the length and breadth of Nigeria, takes it up as a duty to God and humanity, with no profit-oriented  mindset to stand in the gap and vacuum created by government’s neglect and ineptitude of their statutory duty to make accommodation readily available to Corps members.

I can say it with boldness, confidence, gusto and acute temerity with every fact at my disposal to substantiate this assertion that there is no religious Organization in Nigeria as of today which has made accommodation so easy, cheap, handy and readily available like NCCF, thereby bringing ocean of honour to Corps members and even at times non-corps members with a spirit of togetherness. Corps members who ordinarily would have been stranded for lack of accommodation due to government indifference to provide same. With this and other rhapsodized or yet to be brought to the fore facts, their totality without any iota or semblance of controversy has made NCCF stand out among other countless and innumerable religion-based and/or Christian Organizations.

On the footing of the above synoptic analysis lauding and unraveling the meritorious impact, constructive intervention and timely contributions of NCCF to the lives of the Nigerian Youths. Doesn’t NCCF deserve an accolade?

Please let all and sundry do well to lend and extend hands of assistance to this ever progressive and meticulous spiritual Organization.

On that note, let us lift the Trophy for NCCF, though the Trophy is imaginary and fictitious yet it portrays a semblance and miasma of our unflinching love for this dutiful and impactful Organization which has registered her name in the sand of time and in like manner etched her irresistible relevance indelibly on the pads of our hearts.


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