Nigerian Youths! Arise and Take Responsibility – Ewenode William Esq.

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Nigerian Youths are the bastion of hope and the future of this great Country.


The Nigerian Youths constitutes more than half of the Nigerian Population and has the highest voting power to determine the pendulum of the electoral victory of any Candidate in any election in Nigeria.

It is therefore so sad and disturbing that the Youths with their huge population and strength has remained so docile, dormant and terribly weak.

I recall a fee years ago, we were told that the future of this great Country belongs to the Youths but has the Youths of today, realized that their future is being taken away on daily basis?

If the Youths of this Country agrees to wake up today, and take responsibility by getting their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs), the narrative will change for the better.

This is because if eighty percent of the voting population of the Youths decides to vote for a candidate that has the welfare and future of the Youths at heart, such candidate will naturally win the election.

At elections, and especially as the next general elections are coming up from 2022, the Nigerian Youths must Learn to see through the different candidate’s profiles to be properly guided as to which of the candidates best represents their aspirations.

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We need to start having the conversation of electing courageous and competent Youths at all strata of governance from the Local Government upwards that will help galvanize the rest in the right direction.

It saddens my heart that many Youths who would have been useful to themselves have taken to crime, banditry, hooliganism, drugs addictions and cyber crime (Yahoo) etc. Do we really place the blame on them alone? Where are the jobs that were promised, what is happening to the corrupt politicians? The queries are endless.

It is therefore supreme to urgently demand that Nigerian Youths should wake up from their self induced slumber by taking responsibility to participate in collecting their Permanent Voters Cards and vote the right candidates in the next general elections.

I strongly believe we can do it, Yes, we can. It is not too late. Just wake up NOW.


Immediate Past NBA National Assistant Secretary.

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