[NOW ON SALE]: Arbitration Law: Practice and Procedure -By Dr. Hagler Okorie

Are you looking for a guide in arbitration?. Well, look no further as Arbitration Law: Practice and Procedure -By Dr. Hagler Okorie provides A Step by Step Guide needed to scale through.


Arbitration is a mechanism for the resolution of dispute which takes place, usually, in private by virtue of the agreement entered into by the parties and which parties are bound by the decision of the arbitrators after a fair hearing and trial and such decision is enforceable in law. In order that arbitration happens, the following must exist: arbitration agreement; a dispute must have arisen; a tribunal constituted; reference to a third party for determination; parties must agree to be bound; there must be consensus resolution of the dispute and binding award. There are numerous benefits when parties resort to arbitration mechanism in the settlement of their dispute: confidentiality of the arbitral processes/proceedings; flexibility in procedure; cost effectiveness; time effectiveness; right of choice of law and venue; preservation of inter-personal and commercial relationship; right of tribunal; awards are timeously reached and the finality of award. This book presents the elementary and general issues on arbitration law, as well as its practice and procedure. It demonstrates in clarity the meaning and nature of arbitration; the historical evolution and sources of arbitration in Nigeria; typological appraisal of arbitration in Nigeria; customary arbitration; arbitral proceedings and its conduct; arbitral awards; recourse against awards; fees and costs of arbitration. Also contained in this book is the emerging area in arbitration law which is online/electronic arbitration and dispute resolution. Again, the book made bold statement in discussing the arbitrability of the armed conflict in Northeast Nigeria and the use of ADR in post-election disputes in Nigeria, as well as the concept of the Multi-Door Court House in Nigeria. For easy reference by readers, the appendix in the book contains Arbitration and Mediation Act, 2023; ICC (International Court of Arbitration Centre Rules); Abia State Multi-Door Court House Law, 2011 and its Rules of 2014 as well as Professional Ethics for Arbitrators in Nigeria made by the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators. Its distinctive structure, style, content and format makes it ideal for easy understanding of Arbitration law for practitioners, students, scholars and in fact, the general public in Nigeria and abroad.

This is a 599 page-book written in simple and understanding language for the comprehension of both lawyers and non-lawyers who are interested in arbitration law in Nigeria by Dr. Hagler Okorie, an Associate Professor of Laws at the Faculty of Law, Abia State University. The book is written within the provisions of the new Arbitration and Mediation Act, 2023 with well-researched cases and legal materials.

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  1. Meaning and Nature of Arbitration
  2. Historical Evolution and Sources of Arbitration in Nigeria
  3. Typology of Arbitration
  4. Customary Arbitration
  5. Arbitration Proceedings
  6. Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings
  7. Arbitral Awards
  8. Recourse against Award
  9. Recognition and Enforcement of Award
  10. Fees and Cost of Arbitration
  11. Arbitrability of the Non-International Armed Conflict in Northeast Nigeria
  12. The Need for Alternative Mechanisms in post-Election Disputes in Nigeria
  13. Multi-Door Court House in Nigeria
  14. Online/Electronic Arbitration and Dispute Resolution


  1. Arbitration and Mediation Act, 2023
  2. ICC, International Court of Arbitration Centre Rules
  3. Professional Ethic for Arbitrators
  4. Abia State Multi-Door Court House Law, 2011
  5. Abia State Multi-Door Court House Rules, 2014

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