Razor blade, Hydrolic, 12 major items FRSC now Check when they stop Your Car

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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is the approved government agency with statutory responsibilities for road safety administration in Nigeria.


Founded in 1988 by the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida, the FRSC operates in all Nigerian states as well as the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and it is the leading agency in Nigeria on road safety administration and management. Although most states in Nigeria have gone ahead to establish their own traffic management agencies, the FRSC is mandated to ensure the safety of road users, especially on federal roads.

There are certain documents and items that are important for drivers in Nigeria to possess – The list is even longer for drivers constantly on inter-state journeys – Most Nigerians are not aware that they are supposed to possess such documents or items while driving.

1. Driver’s licence

This is one item any driver should have. A driver’s license is an official document permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or bus on a public road.

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2. Proof of ownership

This is a document that indicates the title or right to possession and use of the car by the individual/

3. Insurance certificate

It is a document used to provide information on specific insurance coverage in this case, the car being driven by the driver.

4. Certificate of roadworthiness

The document is issued after inspection by the Vehicle Inspection Office. It is a check of the vehicle to ensure that key components have not worn or deteriorated and that the vehicle is safe for normal road use.

5. Vehicle license

A vehicle licence is a document issued in respect of a particular motor vehicle and it is usually valid for one year.

6. C-caution sign

A C-Caution warning sign should be in every car. It is a type of sign which indicates a potential hazard, obstacle, or condition requiring special attention by the roadside. It must also be visible for other drivers to see even from a distance.

7. Fire extinguisher

This is a portable device that discharges a jet of water, foam, gas, or other material to extinguish a fire. The others are (especially for inter-state travel):

8. Expiry dates on tires

It is expected that the tires used in every car should be within a specified date, otherwise they will be seen as expired tires and the FRSC frowns at this.

9. Spare Tyre

Every vehicle is expected to have a spare tire.

10. Razor blade

This might be necessary for emergency situations the driver could end up in. A razor blade is required in case there is need to cut the seat belt in the event of an accident.

Likewise, in the event of highway breakdown, you will need a razor or a knife to cut off a seat belt from the rear seat to connect to another vehicle for towing. Of course, you might not have a towing rope available nearby, especially if the vehicle broke down in the middle of nowhere. That’s when you will find the razor blade as the most precious item in the vehicle and then thank the FRSC later.

11. Torchlight

The driver could require this if a challenge is encountered with the car at night.

12. First aid kit

You may never know when you’ll need a first aid kit. It is required in a car and the FRSC will definitely request for this.

13. Hydrolic

A driver could get stranded in the middle of nowhere and require hydrolic to at least get the car going till it gets to a qualified mechanic.

14. Extra Fan Belt

Fan belt challenge could be encountered at any point in time and a driver could get stranded due to this. The FRSC now requires that every car should have extra fan belt just in case of unforeseen situations.

The statutory functions of the FRSC include: 1. Making the highways safe for motorists and other road users as well as checking the roadworthiness of vehicles and 2. Recommending works and infrastructures to eliminate or minimize accidents on the highways and educating motorists and members of the public on the importance of road discipline on the highways. Most Nigerians are usually sacred or angry when they come across FRSC officials on the highway. Some are not even aware of the documents they ought to possess in case they are asked to provide them by the FRSC officials. In this piece, we lists the documents or items required by FRSC officials when they stop your car.





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