Secrets of the Serial Successful People

We know how “not having enough money” can make you feel worried. No worries, here is one of the principles that financially buoyant individuals never stray from. Reading! Aside from the currency called “Relationship”, the books you read can save you from being that “urgent 20k” lawyer.


Take a look at the likes of Elon Musk (who actually first learned about rockets by reading books), Mark Zuckerberg, Bill (a known informative book nerd) and other billionaires, they attribute their success to books.

How can books help you to be rich and wealthy? You might wonder. Reading increases your knowledge on a topic, broadens your understanding of any subject area, strengthens your knowledge of a certain practice area, sharpens your legal writing as a lawyer and gives you a competitive edge.

Your increased knowledge is directly proportional to your confidence in the courtroom, at your place of work or in front of your clients and consequently your net worth. Or how else would you have been able to convince a client that is in need of your service, if you aren’t well informed or learned a lot about that aspect of law? Do the extra work by investing your time in reading.

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