The Middle Beltway Campaign Community (MBCC): The Wind Of Change Is Blowing For Nigeria’s Nationhood

By Sir, Festus Terver Duniya Nyiwo, Esq.

In response to the “Tribal/ethnic war looms as Hausas give Fulanis quit notice to exit land,” published on May 11, 2024, on the TG News outlet, the Middle Belt Campaign Council (MBCC), renamed the Middle Beltway Campaign Community (MBCC) applauds the audacious Hausa Renaissance for a welcome development. The quit Notice was credited to the Hausa leader Kaltum Alumbe Jitami (Emancipator), Hausawa Tsantsa Development Association (HTDA), wherein she stated that “For 219 years, the Hausa people have been victims of terrorism and Injustice under Fulani leadership”, and she advised the Fulanis in no uncertain terms “to exit themselves out of Hausaland before it is too late.” Please join us in our forthcoming Middle Belt Summit, the date and venue will be announced as soon as the details are finalized. Besides, no one knows or feels your pains more than a Middle Belter!

A quit notice of this nature and content needs to be appreciated in its entirety. The Hausa renaissance, rebirth, or marked identity struggle is in tandem with the Middle Belt struggle because their motivation is the recovery of their dignity and ancestral lands – Self Identity, Self-Determination, and Self-Preservation. The wind of change is blowing and change must come.

The Middle Beltway Campaign Community (MBCC) is a ground-breaking, revolutionary, and purpose-driven movement to reinvent Nigeria for all oppressed and marginalized peoples of the Northern Region, irrespective of religious or tribal affiliations, whose ancestral lands, distinctive cultures, customs, and traditions are the common denominators that sets us apart from our oppressors who are powered by the twin forces of the ill-fated and unratified 1914 Amalgamation and the 1999 Constitution (as amended). On the premise of Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” read together with sections 1(2), 14(2)(a) & (c), 15(2), (3)(c) & (d), (4), 17, 21, & 34(1) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), there is the urgent need for the actualization of the Middle Belt struggle and the audacious Hausa Renaissance.

The 1914 Amalgamation constituted forms of colonialism, imperialism, and cultural suppression with far-reaching and devastating consequences on the autochthonous peoples of the Middle Belt Region. The Middle Belt Region was not privy to the 1914 Amalgamation. A school of thought claimed authentication by some Northerners. Another school of thought claimed there was no formal Agreement or Treaty signed. Rather, the unratified Amalgamation or Treaty, as the case may be, was enacted through a series of administrative decrees and proclamations, including an Order-in-Council of January 1st, 1914, and the Proclamation of the Governor-General of Nigeria, executed by fiat of the British Crown. The two possible emerging scenarios are: If there was a Treaty, the Middle Belt Region was not a party to it; and if there was no Treaty, there was no valid Amalgamation, unification, or annexation in the first place to which the Middle Belt Region was/is to be bound!

Section 12 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) states:

“No treaty between the Federation and any other country shall have the force of law except to the extent to which any such treaty has been enacted into law by the National Assembly.”

The 1914 Amalgamation appears to be neither here nor there. Instructively, without dismantling the surviving evil legacies or enterprises borne out of the arbitrary, capricious, and suspicious 1914 Amalgamation – a booby trap set by the colonialists that, ab initio, designed and programmed Nigeria to be a stymied and dysfunctional society, no meaningful match to nationhood could ever be recorded without taking these fundamental, structural, and transformational steps. The underlying ideology of the ill-fated 1914 Amalgamation has held one ethno-religious group superior and all others inferior (neo-colonialism) must be renounced by one and all – the root cause of the insecurities the country suffers today, the legacies and relics of British colonialism. As if that was not bad enough, the British also rigged the 1959 elections for our oppressors to give them a head-start over the rest of the country. Accordingly, the domination in Nigerian politics and claims to ownership of Nigeria by Falanis have nothing to do with any contrived estate bequeathed to them by their forefathers!

Based on all the above, it is an opportune time to revisit this sad phase of the country’s history with a view to restorative, rehabilitative, and reparative justice to make a fresh start on agreeable terms. It also brings to the fore the issue of the ancestral lands of the Fulanis.  Unless the attempt was to commit ethnic cleansing and genocide, the British Government needs to come clean in these matters of grave importance, which by her admissions and confessions, complicit in the cumulative insecurities and injustices occasioned as a result of her romance with the Fulanis. Assuredly, the scales of justice and good conscience demand that Nigerian Autochthonous ethnic nationalities must retain political power for their Self Identity, Self-Determination, and Self-Preservation for constitutional democracy to rein and for Nigeria’s corporate existence.

Sir Festus Terver Duniya Nyiwo, Esq


May 12, 2024

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