Tobenna Erojikwe, Ituah Ighodalo, Sam Amadi and others Champion Electoral Accountability and Democratic Stability at the 2023 House of Justice Summit in Kaduna

In a thought-provoking session at the recently concluded 2023 House of Justice Summit in Kaduna, themed “Electoral Accountability and Democratic Stability,” Tobenna Erojikwe, Partner at The LawCrest LLP and Chairman of the Governing Board of the NBA-ICLE, delivered a compelling address during the segment titled “Finding Solutions: Thought Reflections by Professionals.” Erojikwe’s interventions focused on the imperative for professional associations to prioritise impeccable self-governance as a precursor to shaping the political landscape.


According to Tobenna Erojikwe, “The true mark of leadership is the ability to reform oneself before reforming society.” He emphasised the pivotal role that professional organisations play in influencing politics and asserted that they must first demonstrate a commitment to internal reform to effectively contribute to broader societal change.

Throughout his address, Erojikwe underscored the importance of integrity and ethical conduct within professional associations. He articulated, “For professional associations to be credible advocates for political change, they must adhere to the highest standards of self-governance. Our influence in politics is only as strong as our commitment to ethical practices within our own ranks.”

The summit brought together an illustrious lineup of speakers, including renowned figures such as Prof. Sam Amadi and Pastor Ituah Ighodalo. Prof. Amadi shared insights into the intricacies of electoral accountability, while Ituah Ighodalo offered perspectives on enhancing democratic stability in Nigeria. The event showcased a diverse array of professionals, each contributing unique perspectives on the intersection of professionalism and political engagement.

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Organized by Gloria Ballason Mabieam, the summit provided a platform for professionals to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of Nigeria. Erojikwe commended the organisers, expressing gratitude for the enriching experience and warm hospitality.

The summit’s culmination was a memorable banquet that facilitated networking opportunities, fostering inspiring conversations about the trajectory of Nigeria’s political landscape.

Tobenna Erojikwe’s contributions at the 2023 House of Justice Summit underscored the need for self-reflection and reform within professional associations to effectively influence electoral accountability and democratic stability. The event, marked by esteemed speakers and insightful discussions, serves as a beacon for those committed to advancing Nigeria’s political landscape with integrity and professionalism.

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