‘You are the solution the world is waiting for’ – AWLA lauds 2023 International Day of The Girl Child

We at AWLA  join the world to celebrate the Girl Child on this special day set apart by the United Nations since 2012 to acknowledge the challenges and difficulties of the girl child and celebrate the girl child globally aimed to put the spotlight on the importance of girl child education, girls’ rights and promoting gender parity. We amplify our voices and the Young girls’ voices to share their experience and unique stories. It is a call to action on global communities to make changes and take action to empower the girl child anywhere and everywhere. We enjoin all to ensure achieving agenda 2030 particularly Goal 5 : gender parity.

It is also a day that urges an annual 12 months preparation and  campaign focusing on the rights’ of young girls and women thus identifying the various challenges the girl child is confronted with namely: gender bias, limited  access to information, menstrual hygiene, sexual  violence,poverty, early pregnancy and work, child marriage, poor learning opportunities, sexual exploitation, child trafficking, gender discrimination, female genital mutilation, child alm’s begging, Labour exploitation etc with a view to proffering solutions and actions to ameliorate the girl child sufferings and ending the menaces.

It has been and will continue to be about taking the girl child to the next level of safety, empowerment and Leadership.


The theme is apt, considering the recent happening in the political, economic and social scene globally with the wave of insecurity, economic downturn and rape of nations by the political actors who has shrouded authoritarianism with democracy, terrorising and oppressing the people they swore to protect, thus leaving the people in poverty, hopelessness and despair.The hope of the people is in giving young girls and women a chance to right the wrongs. The saying that you cannot be doing things the same way and expect a different result seems to be the solution to the humongous problems in the world as they crave for women in leadership.

It is indeed time to intentionally invest in the girl child, the missing link in governance and nation building.

The various UN initiatives on the international Day of the Girl Child has jolted many young girls from their comfort zone to a resolute state òf ‘I can do it’ and has spurred many to greatness shattering the glass ceilings. This year I believe that this theme will illuminate and spur many more girls, organisations and states to resolution to go the extra mile for the girl child in terms of giving the girl child the enabling environment and a level playing field to compete with the boy child. Enough of the Barriers, the Stereotypes as the girl child is daily equipped to roll off the barriers, think, act and live GENDER PARITY.

It has been one initiative or the other for girls and women and encouraging the opening up of more opportunities .

It will interest you to know that since 1995 – the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action called out girls rights, it has been a most progressive act for working towards equality and guarantee for better option for girls in the universe and in 2012 this progress crystallised with the Declaration of the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11 as the United Nations has kept the focus.

The girls of 1995 are the women of today making waves in their various careers  and industries.

With the theme for this year, we at AWLA enjoin all and sundry to invest in the girl child for a more secure future, compassionate and patriotic leadership and a just and egalitarian society. Remember “WHEN YOU  INVEST IN A GIRL, YOU INVEST IN A NATION”



as we reiterate the 2020 theme ” MY VOICE, OUR EQUAL FUTURE”

  • To live free from gender based violence
  • Learn new skills towards the future they choose
  • Lead as a generation of activists accelerating social change
  • Speak truth to power without fear or favour
  • Speak out (‘ soro so ke’)
  • Take action in a local Nigerian parlance ‘ soro so ke mu se’ ( Speak out and take action)
  • Improve the quality of education for girls
  • Include technical and vocational skills training
  • Enable girls to have the same learning and career opportunities as boys
  • Provide the poorest girls, as well as single young mothers with financial help to stay in school or participate in employments or skills development programs
  • Encourage girls and young leaders in tech based careers
  • Increase and incentivize girls participation in technology and engineering
  • Compensation for girl child survivors of defilement and rape
  • Subsidise girl child education
  • Refuse to compromise on your rights.
  • Don’t be a slave to anyone
  • Don’t sell your birthright nor your human dignity.
  • Build an impeccable character and incorruptible
  • Sound morals, humility, selflessness

The girl child must stand tall, shoulders high and refuse to be cowed by anyone for any reason whatsoever.

You are the solution the world is waiting for.

You must also invest in yourself  – self discipline, commitment and dedication to studies and work.

We call on our leaders to oblige the duty and responsibility to protect the lives and properties of the people, ensure equal distribution of resources and the rights and  dignity of the girl child who is most vulnerable whenever and wherever there are  infractions on the peoples rights.

AWLA shall amplify its voice through social media campaigns, seminars and girls’rights protections, empowerment discussions and debate.

Please join us. Contact us on https://awla.international


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Thank you

Mandy Demechi-Asagba




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